80% Increase in Prices of Flour, Wheat, Bread and Naan in 2022

The year 2022 brought endless frustration to the people of Punjab as the prices of basic necessities like bread started to skyrocket. 350 for a 40 kg bag of wheat and a 20 kg bag for Rs. 315. Constant financial stress and uncertainty made the people of Punjab desperate.

The price of a 15 kg bag of special flour increased by more than Rs.10. 1,200, making it more difficult for families to meet their expenses. The price of bread which used to be sold at Rs.100. 10, jumped to Rs. 14, and the price of naan skyrocketed from Rs. 15 to an astounding Rs. 25. Bread is also being sold up to Rs. 20 while 30 in non-Rs.

The price of wheat in the open market increased significantly due to shortage of wheat stock in the Food Department Punjab and delay in import by the federal government.

The price of the commodity increased by more than Rs. 2,000 per maund, reaching Rs. 4,450. This situation has raised concern among officials as availability and affordability of basic necessities is a major issue.

In 2022, the Punjab government led by Usman Buzdar provided a bag of flour to the public at Rs 10. 375 during Ramadan. However, later the price was increased to Rs. 1,295.

Hamza Shahbaz after taking over the government announced Rs 100 subsidy. 200 billion to provide flour at affordable prices. The flour price of a 20 kg bag was fixed at Rs. 980.

In January 2022, the price of bread was Rs. 10. The Buzdar Government increased the price to Rs. 12. The Hamza government fixed the price back to Rs. 10. Parvez Elahi maintained the price for some time. He first raised the price to Rs. 12 and later Rs. 14.

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