How Much Did Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki Increase Motorcycle Prices in 2022?

Bikes are considered a cheap means of getting around the city. Unfortunately, motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan – especially Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda – tend to increase bike prices after a month or two.

Motorcycles in Pakistan

In 2022, Atlas Honda announced the prices of seven small motorcycles which led to a total price increase of up to Rs. 80,400 this year.

Yamaha has announced a massive price hike for six motorcycles, bringing the total up to Rs. 115,500, while Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has announced a hike of 5, which will increase to a maximum of Rs. 70,000

Following are the price increases of each motorcycle by the three major players in Pakistan’s two-wheeler industry by 2022:

Atlas Honda

ModelJanuary 2022 Price (Rs.)December 2022 Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
CD 7094,900121,50026,600
CD 70 Dream101,500129,90028,400
CG 125152,500185,90033,400
CG 125SE182,000219,50033,500
CB 125F218,500283,90065,400
CB 150F273,500353,90080,400


ModelJanuary 2022 Price (Rs.)December 2022 Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
YB 125Z190,000293,500103,500
YB 125Z DX205,500314,500109,000
YBR 125211,000322,500111,500
YBR 125G220,500336,000115,500

Pak Suzuki

ModelJanuary 2022 Price (Rs.)December 2022 Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
GD 110S199,000244,00045,000
GS 150215,000266,00051,000
GSX 125N/a359,000N/a
GR 150315,000385,00070,000

At their new prices, the bikes have also become unaffordable for a large majority of buyers. While other local bike manufacturers may still be an option in terms of pricing, they too have their own issues such as poor after sales services, quality issues, and reliability.

Industry reports suggest that Pakistan has achieved up to 90 percent localization in bike manufacturing. Unfortunately, this localization does not bode well for people if they still have to pay huge amounts for bare bikes. With their new prices and outdated build quality, suffice it to say that none of the new bikes are good value.

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