New e-Challan System will be Introduced Against Traffic Violations in Islamabad

To battle the rising criminal traffic offenses, Islamabad Capital Region Police (ICTP) has chosen to execute an electronic framework to punish crooks.

The new e-framework will naturally fine vehicle proprietors for different infringement. Senior Director of Police (SSP) Dr. Mustafa Tanveer let Everyday Times know that the office is bringing ICTP’s challan framework satisfactory with worldwide principles. He added:

The CCTV will snap the vehicle’s number plate when an infringement happens. The division has incorporated exhaustive transit regulations into the framework to distinguish offenses and make a move likewise.

Tanveer made sense of that the framework connected CCTV will follow infringement as per codes allocated to every offense. The distinguished vehicle enrollment numbers will be placed into the framework, and the vehicle proprietors will get a punishment consequently.

In the event that the wrongdoers don’t pay their challans inside a specific time, their vehicles will be seized and added up to. Tanveer noticed that ICTP reached all common extract and tax assessment divisions to get enrolled vehicle subtleties.

That’s what tanveer said, at first, just Islamabad and Punjab numbers would be added to the framework. He added:

According to an evaluation, the vast majority of the vehicles handling in the ICT are having enlistment with Islamabad and Punjab separately, that is the reason just these the two stations are yet made piece of system.

Tanveer said that ICTP will incorporate the leftover areas’ enlistment information bases once the framework turns out to be completely functional.

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