Pakistan will Sell the US Embassy Building to Jews who are Planning to Convert it into a Synagogue

Pakistan has received three bids for the building that formerly housed the defense portion of the country’s embassy in Washington, DC.

Diplomatic sources in the U.S. capital told the Daily News that the highest bid of about $6.8 million came from a Jewish group that wants to build a synagogue in the building. The second bid is about $5 million from an Indian realtor, and the third bid is about $4 million from a Pakistani realtor.

Pakistani-American realtors working in Washington want the building sold to the highest bidder.One of them commented, “We should follow this tradition, because it will generate a lot of goodwill.

The news comes just weeks after Pakistani embassy officials told state media that one of the country’s three diplomatic properties in Washington was up for sale.

Other government properties up for grabs in the US include Pakistan International Airlines’ Roosevelt Hotel in New York. In this regard, the Cabinet Committee on Privatization (CCoP) has directed the Privatization Commission (PC) to initiate the process of appointing a Financial Advisor (FA) for the leasing of the Roosevelt site.

Appropriately, the government is considering a joint project for possible mixed-use development of the Pakistan-owned site.

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