hi individuals invite back to the feed phoenix elsa folks uh today in this video we will see 151 250 uh rp spills m13 uh you can see simply an impression and the wonderful mmos moving acts out additionally so i’ll get into the video first OK and in the first rp we will see rapacious small 14 which is in uh rose and uh sort of pink and a green and dark look it’s great uh it’s a sort of another look I can see and there is an in vogue climber cover I think it is with the supplier we will get in the main which is our first rp and this is a popular explorer set uh we will get it in the first rp and here you can find in the fifth rp we will get this stylish climber cover uh you can see total look the way things will be with the first rp outfit it is OK basically OK as per the quicker rp outfit and as I let you know before we will get the brilliant cases in the rp from here on out and uh you can see wild rave protective cap I will show you the total level one level two level three later now you can find out the way things are turning out to be brilliant offer pack you can endlessly find in this 15 rp you can see the light dance mode truly gracious definitely how about we go like that how it is truly this is actually quite great rp I should say and this is tawata we have proactively seen it and cutting edge trimming additionally we can find in the fifteenth rp how would you all like this rp you should remark down in the remark segment folks OK and in the twentieth rp we can see plant home blower parachute this is likewise great it resembles um in the free rb so uh according to the free rp they are essentially OK to give this and this is chickpea smoke projectile we can find in the 28th rp too this is a sort of 3d look this is truly exquisite contrasted with the past wove explosives this is a sort of 3d look I should say this is truly decent are the three dim countenances in within the dim skin and here destructive swamp plane that we can see later uh football star covering the 23rd rp and in the 25th rp football star set this is the free outfit so this is all we can expect and this is essentially pleasant additionally according to the free rp extensive OK you can see the look the way things will be and in the 30th rp we can see the plane complete the process of as per defaces finish how it is you should let me know in the remark area and you all ought to like the video folks and remark down the thing are you all anticipating from me OK relate damages finish uh it’s truly great and you can see the noctum dread sum it’s truly decent truly I will show you how it would be with the outfit OK and as I told you before in the 35th rp we are seeing steam uh gear mk47 this is OK it resembles the old uh mk47 firearm be sorry it tends to be now got it resembles little I mean this is a plain gold completion so very much like that and uh again in the 40 we can see the brilliant rose m762 which is truly opie it’s an overwhelmed firearm I should express in light of the fact that according to the rp thought they have never given this sort of uh m762 skin this is truly beautiful skin one must can’t miss it so folks don’t miss this rp at all uh put it all on the line get it OK and uh I in all actuality do consider getting it here you can find in the 50 nectum fear set and necrom test cover folks this is the operation 50 rp outfit which we got since they have presented the dutch thing like a month to month rp this is the truly operation one and you ought to buy in this feed immediately on the off chance that you’re new here OK and kindly like the video and you can see that how exquisite it is and there is an I mean the completing you can see with the cape and the variety mix of the purple green and white in the rear and in the headgear likewise you can see some sort of purple and pink variety it’s truly pleasant I should say it’s truly decent uh contrasted with the past 50 rp outfits that we got it’s truly beautiful how would you all affection it the 50 rp outfit you descending immediately OK after that you will neglect OK so descending immediately and I will show you the act out with that goodness my heavenly folks this is all there is to it so it suits the outfit truly that is the reason it is so on the off chance that you see it plain it probably won’t be great yet with the outfit it actually it’s truly marvelous you can perceive how it a suits well and other act out additionally I will show you the dance uh act out where is it OK then to some degree here goodness definitely we should go like that I truly like this uh um like dance act out in view of an it is accessible in the free rba too um that is the reason and it’s an artist mode so it’s extremely uncommon that we get a dance emoticon in the free rb so this is most much significant thing that they have at any point finished for the free rp uh thought OK and you can find out the way things are turning out to endlessly look the m13 look and uh you can see it here these are we will get this uh the subject truly dissected ella pass in addition to I like pass you can perceive the way things are and this is the way we will see when we will get it and uh there is a savior uh prepared versatile outfit likewise I will show it further and uh all of you realize in the 13 rail pass we will see the partner for in any event, for us likewise you can prepared meter the some there is some sort of uh membership or sort of advantages we get that with that we can reclaim the serving primary skin I will show you later once we got it in the rp OK i’ll truly show you how you can get it truly and the cap level you can see here and this is a maca sanctum set which is a prepared portable outfit uh you can get it in the rail pass experience uh with the drops entirely this is the way it looks this is truly decent truly and this is an unbelievable outfit it tends to be truly it very well may be a mythic likewise on the grounds that it seems to be that way it’s truly decent I should say and uh the thumbs up this is likewise prepared versatile thompson folks thompson will be operation in the forthcoming update very you should pick this thing uh for your short proximity harms and all since this is uh there will be a few changes in the thompson harm so you can look forward for it I will let you know once the update are done approve once we got the update I will tell you and this is wild rave level one look while the cap level one look and uh level two and afterward level 3 people this is all there is to it for the video folks uh kindly like the video and buy in the channel I will see you next video see you take care bye

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