Secrets of the universe

Secrets of the universe

When was the universe created?

 Man of old believed that the universe has always been and always will be. Gradually ideas about the universe changed. One idea is that the universe came into being fifteen billion years ago as a result of an explosion, while another idea is that the universe had no beginning and no end. According to one theory, the universe goes through two different states over and over again. That is, sometimes it starts shrinking and then it starts expanding, but this process is completed in billions of years. According to this theory, we are living in the vastness of the universe. This period of expansion will continue for about thirty billion years.

The most famous theory about the beginning of the universe is the Big Bang. Of this theory

Fifteen billion years ago today, an explosion occurred due to a very small amount of matter. The sudden eruption of this small amount created a rapidly expanding universe. Due to this explosion, the universe is still expanding. After this explosion, all the galaxies, stars, planets, solar system, matter, energy, light and time were created in the universe. In the beginning the universe was very hot but gradually this heat started decreasing.

One thing to keep in mind is that no one knows why the Big Bang happened and no one can estimate how big this universe is, what is in it, how many planets there are stars and above all that Apart from our Earth, what other planets can have life?

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