The United States Has Approved $200 Million to Promote Gender Equality in Pakistan

The US Senate has supported a $1.7 trillion merged spending bill for the financial year 2023, which likewise contains $200 million for orientation uniformity drives in Pakistan.

The bundle, which was supported on Thursday night, likewise incorporates $858 billion for safeguard financing, $787 billion for non-guard homegrown spending, and more than $15 billion for different purposes.

The endorsement of assets for supporting orientation uniformity programs, then again, denies any of the $200 million from being spent on early terminations. Regardless, this addresses a critical lift over the most recent couple of years.

The US Congress supported $10 million to advance orientation uniformity and $15 million to reinforce a majority rules government in Pakistan in December 2020. The $200 million reserved for 2023 addresses a 20-crease increment over Pakistan’s designation for 2020.

Pakistan positioned 145th out of 146 nations On the planet Financial Gathering’s (WEF) Worldwide Orientation Hole Report 2022.

Afghanistan positioned 146th while India positioned 135th. Bangladesh and Nepal lead the district in orientation correspondence, with more than 69% of orientation holes shut. Bangladesh positioned 71st and Nepal positioned 96th.

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