8 Best New Online Earning Apps in Pakistan for 2024

Best New Online Earning Apps

In recent years, the surge in online earning endeavors among Pakistanis has become increasingly prevalent. With economic challenges and soaring inflation rates, many individuals are exploring digital avenues to supplement their incomes. best new online earning apps in Pakistan have surfaced as viable solutions, providing opportunities to earn from the convenience of home. All it takes is a reliable internet connection, such as Zong Internet Packages, to embark on this journey hassle-free.

Best New Online Earning Apps


Fiverr stands out as a premier online earning platform in Pakistan, connecting freelancers worldwide with clients seeking diverse services like graphic design, content creation, web development, and digital marketing. It offers an excellent chance for those with specific skills to set their prices, manage schedules, and work remotely.


Upwork serves as an exceptional platform connecting businesses and individuals globally with freelancers. Pakistani freelancers benefit from flexible work options across various categories like programming, writing, design, and administrative support. The platform equips freelancers with tools for managing workloads and ensures secure and timely payments.


ClipClaps presents an engaging mix of short videos and games, offering rewards through Clapcoins that users can redeem for cash. Its accessible interface on Android and iOS devices allows users to earn rewards by watching videos, playing games, and completing surveys while having fun.

Markaz App

Revolutionizing social commerce in Pakistan, Markaz App facilitates earning by reselling products and services through social media platforms. With a wide product portfolio and payment assurance, it enables users to leverage their social networks for sales and interactions.


Zareklamy, gaining popularity in Pakistan, allows users to earn through simple tasks like engaging with social media, writing comments, and completing surveys. Its versatility accommodates earnings in spare time, offering various withdrawal options.


For Pakistani freelancers seeking diverse job categories, Freelancer.com emerges as a bridge between talents and opportunities. With a vast user base and job spectrum, it offers various earning avenues and passive income prospects.


mCent offers users earnings and mobile data rewards for tasks like app downloads, surveys, and ad interactions. Widely downloaded, it caters to regions with high data demand, providing opportunities to earn with ease.


Savyour, an online shopping app, combines cashback rewards with fantastic deals across various categories. Users save money on purchases while earning cashback, making it an ideal passive income generator.


The landscape of online earning apps in Pakistan offers diverse opportunities for individuals to earn from home. These platforms vary in their offerings, from freelancing to social commerce and entertainment-driven tasks. While some apps may have limitations, diligent research and choosing reputable platforms that offer fair compensation and reliable payouts are crucial. With the growing popularity of these apps, they are set to play an increasingly pivotal role in Pakistan’s evolving digital economy.


How do these online earning apps work?

Online earning apps offer various ways to make money, from freelancing platforms connecting individuals with clients worldwide to apps rewarding users for completing tasks like surveys, watching videos, or playing games. Users engage in these activities and earn rewards or payments based on their participation.

Are these apps safe to use in Pakistan?

Reputable online earning apps prioritize user security and privacy. However, it’s essential to review app terms, privacy policies, and user reviews to ensure safety and legitimacy.

How much can I earn using these apps in Pakistan?

Earnings depend on the app, tasks completed, time invested, and individual effort. Some apps offer significant earning potential for dedicated efforts, while others provide supplementary income.

Are there any costs or fees associated with using these apps?

Many online earning apps are free to join and use. However, some may offer premium features or charge fees for additional services. Always check the app details for associated costs.

How do I get paid using these online earning apps in Pakistan?

Payment methods vary among apps and can include options like PayPal, gift cards, direct deposits, or checks. Some apps have minimum withdrawal thresholds, while others offer instant or periodic payments. Always verify the payout methods available in your region before getting started.

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